Founder of start-up says device will one day change treatment of spinal cord injuries

<p>By Scott Kirsner <br /> Globe Correspondent / September 26, 2010&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;While most people who suffer a traumatic spinal cord injury never recover their normal functioning, Reynolds has written that his company&rsquo;s medical device will &ldquo;restore 80 percent of the patient&rsquo;s normal functioning.&rsquo;&rsquo; In the company&rsquo;s early experiments with paralyzed primates, Reynolds has said, &ldquo;100 percent of our monkeys have gotten up and walked in just about three weeks.&rsquo;&rsquo;</p> <p>He told a Boston audience recently that he hopes to begin a small human trial of the device, which is implanted in the spinal ..</p>