MCPF utilizes a project-focused approach to target your donations where they will have the greatest impact. Our grant application review process continues to ensure only the highest quality projects are funded.

Grant applications are subject to peer review by experts in the field who evaluate the quality of the science, the capabilities of the scientists and their laboratories, and the project’s potential for accelerating new treatments. MCPF reviewers each have more than fifteen years of experience and are themselves top scientists in their fields. This approach enables MCPF to maximize the research value of your donations.

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MCPF values new ideas and collaboration

Projects that survive peer review are weighed against MCPF grant guidelines. MCPF places heavy emphasis on the ability of grantees to generate proof-of-concept data that will enable the project to reach the next level of development. MCPF requires all funded scientists to communicate publication-worthy results in order to improve collaboration and accelerate the arrival of the day when a spinal cord injury will not mean spending the rest of your life wheelchair bound.