Throughout our history, we have facilitated paralysis research at top-notch laboratories such as the Miami Project, the Spinal Cord Injury Project at Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, and more. Aligning our funding with laboratories of this quality has helped ensure the excellence of the science we actively support.

MCPF impacts research

Paralysis from spinal cord injury is a multifaceted problem; its cure will require multiple discoveries. MCPF has supported cutting-edge research in such promising arenas as blocking glial scar formation, developing new cells from umbilical cord stem cells, remyelination, axon growth, polymer bridging, and many others. All of the projects we have supported have advanced the global search for a cure. Many of these projects have resulted in larger institutional grants from the National Institutes of Health for more extensive testing.

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MCPF research reaches around the world

The research funded with your donations has been presented at the largest national and international neuroscience symposiums around the world.

The bottom line

Through the Morton Cure Paralysis Fund, your limited resources will become directly responsible for the birth of new methods and discoveries that provide maximum scientific impact, moving science closer to a cure. As importantly, you give hope—That All May Walk Again!